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Frequently asked questions



Coronavirus/Covid-19 - Whats happening?

As we head into March 2021 now is the time everybody starts thinking about rowing tours and reserving space for their club. Will they happen? As we speak the plan is to proceed with caution. We are taking measures to be certain we can run tours in a safe and professional manner. We hope your club will continue to make plans to travel in 2021 and we look forward to welcoming you to Irish Rowing Adventures. Of course we understand that travel restrictions and health and safety guidelines may need to change so we will not be penalising groups that need to cancel due to Coronavirus. So you can reserve your dates without worrying about financial penalty.Tours in 2021 will take place in September and October. Some clubs are now also booking space for 2022.




When can we go on tour with Irish Rowing Adventures?

We generally operate tours from March to October. If you want to travel outside that time please check with us well in advance. As we run a guesthouse for ‘normal’ people also the rooms can sometimes fill up fast, so the best option is to let us know very early when you would like to travel and we can maybe hold some rooms until you decide for certain.


How many people on a tour?

In general we need a minimum of ten people to run a tour. That is two coxed quads (you will take turns coxing the boats). We can also row with 15 people (three crews) or twenty people (four crews). If you have a bigger group than this let us know and we can design a tour to suit you. If you do not have exactly 10, 15 or 20 people then let us know and we can organise to swap people in and out of boats.

What extra costs are involved?

This is why our rowing adventures are such good value. The price you pay includes all accommodation and meals from the time you arrive in Graiguenamanagh. It includes all boat and oar rental costs and any other equipment related to rowing. We also provide water and snacks while you are on the water. The price also includes bus transport to and from all rowing locations and other tourist attraction visits. Therefore the only time you need to dip into your pocket is to pay for any drinks or extra refreshments you require.

What if the weather makes rowing impossible?

Graiguenamanagh is just a brilliant location in the heart of Ireland's Ancient East. It is very rarely that we are unable to row on one of the rivers in the southeast, but the upside is that we are close to so many other activities and visitor attractions that you will definitely be kept busy. There are opportunities to do some canoeing, hill walking, cycling the Barrow towpath, visits to the medieval city of Kilkenny, Royal Oak Whiskey Distillery, Dunbrody Famine Ship, Cushendale woolen mills. And of course there are so many fantastic traditional Irish Pubs in the area which are always worth a visit.

What if we have non rowers with the group?

Non rowers are considered real people too, and treated accordingly. We generally have a chat with you to see how involved the poor misguided non rower wants to be. If they are interested in accompanying the tour there are some opportunities to travel in a safety boat on some days. On other days there may be opportunities to follow a river section of the tour on a good quality mountain bike provided by us, and maybe even help with opening and closing some of the lock gates on our ancient navigation


What about transport?

The tour starts when you arrive in Graiguenamanagh. However we can organise group transfers from the airport and other locations with one of our local bus companies (this will be the best value). The pick up from the airport and return to the airport are not included in the tour price and you can pay that directly to the bus driver. Once the tour has started all bus transport to and from rowing and other activities each day is included in the official tour and therefore part of the price you will already have paid.

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